July Bambu

Bamboo is one of the fastest-Growing plants on Earth, typical growth rate for bamboo is in the range of 3-40cm per day during the growing period,It’s a green Materials for construction.

Julybambu as a professional bamboo products supplier,was established in 2015 in Hangzhou and specialized in bamboo panel , bamboo strand woven flooring and outdoor bamboo decking etc.

Our bamboo plants covers an areas of 100,000m2, the annual bamboo panel and flooring exceed three million sq.m. We use advanced bamboo production line and fresh materials harvested from well-managed bamboo forested. We strictly follow the internationals and industrial standards with the over twenty complex production process, it makes our products has the capacity of strong wear resistance and can be used in extensive area.

We are exporting our bamboo products all over the world, Mainly to N.America and European Market, Reply on years of rich knowledge and experience on bamboo industry, professional and flexible production method, diversified production range, we hope to provide our customer the premium products and perfect service.We are warmly welcome the customers from all around the world visit our company.

Our Vision: Use more bamboo ,Cut less tree, Let’s protect our blue planet together.




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