JUKA Solar

HANGZHOU JUKA SOLAR TECH CO.,LTD is a 16-year-old solar dc battery home refrigeration equipment company. We are NO.1 brand on the Solar Chest Freezer, DC Upright Freezer, 12V Home Refrigerator, Display Cooler, 12/24V Car Fridge, Ice Maker,Mini Cooler, 24V Ice Maker, 48V Solar Air Conditioner, Ice Cream Tricycle, Push Cart, Solar Electric Bike in China, Also we specialize in solar dc battery spare parts of refrigeration products manufacturing, CKD/SKD/CBU/OEM/ODM, building factories for the oversea ,providing product line assembly and training the worker. Our factory located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China ,we are ensuring a series of integrity of refrigeration equipment to meet the various needs of customers, regardless of the order is large or small, whether it is pre- & after-sale services, regardless of the procurement of spare parts or finished products, we are able to meet any of your needs.

  • Solar Chest Freezer
  • DC Upright Freezer
  • 12V Home Refrigerator
  • Display Cooler
  • 12/24V Car Fridge
  • Ice Maker,Mini Cooler
  • 24V Ice Maker
  • 48V Solar Air Conditioner
  • Ice Cream Tricycle
  • Push Cart
  • Solar Electric Bike



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