JiaXing Aoke Hardware Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2016,The name of the company of thepredecessor is Haiyan Baibu Press Co., LTD  which is located in Haiyan Baibu Economic Develop Area. With its convenient transportation, it just takes 100 kilo meters away from Hangzhou and Shanghai.

We are professional manufacturer of sleeve anchor -with hex bolt ,-with flange nut , metal frame anchor ,stampings, Turning parts and other non-standard products. Eighty percent of our products are exported and mainly utilized in the hardware industry of construction, furniture and others. We have independent rights for import and export. We have completed our automatic production line of sleeve anchor . With our strict quality inspection, standardize.


Sleeve Anchor

Can be installed in a wide variety of masonry, solid concrete, brick or block

Provides consistent holding values in a wide range of base materials

Ready to install no separate parts required

Easy to remember correct hole size for best results


Heavy Duty Anchor – 4pcs shields

4-Way expansion shield for secure fixing in masonry & concrete

offers extremely strong anchorage, specially manufactured retaining springs ensure encapsulation of the wedge during expansion.

Includes shield, washer, nut, bolt and other accessories



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