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Aike Appliance is a world-renowned supplier of hand hygiene products. It is the only science and technology company in the world that focuses on R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of hand hygiene products. It has two production bases in Taizhou and Hangzhou, covering an area of about 36000m², products mainly include hand dryer, air tap, soap dispenser, hand sterilizer, etc., involved in the field of household and industrial and commercial, master more than 160 patented technologies, sales cover more than 150 countries around the world, and maintain long-term with many international famous brands Strategic partnership.



Wenling Daxi Sanhe Daily Hardware Factory was established and began to get involved in daily hardware products,Wenling Liao De Electro mechanical was established, focusing on the development and production of motors and fans



Registered the “AIKE” trademark and released the first dual jet high-speed hand dryer AK2005H. The product officially entered the field of hand hygiene with “high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and hygiene”, and renamed the product as “hand dryer”,and start the globalization strategy promotion layout



Relocated to the larger Xianju Yongan Industrial Zone and renamed Zhejiang Aike Appliance Co., Ltd. The factory occupies an area of 25,000m². Hand hygiene series of contact-free soap dispensers have been developed and listed one after another, entering the era of washing and drying combination.



Established Hangzhou R & D and manufacturing center, covering an area of about 11,000m².Comprehensive layout of hand hygiene series, research and development of hand disinfection products, from ” washing-drying- disinfecting ” to create a one-stop hand cleaning, AIKE opened a redefinition of healthy hand washing standards.



In response to the Chinese government’s “toilet revolution” policy, Aike released a variety of models to promote the popularization of high-speed hand dryers, refreshing and upgrading the new image and standards for hand washing in public toilets.



New concept and new journey, Aike launched air tap, the black technology of hand-drying, the water and air integrated design in the basin, upgrade public toilet grade and hand-drying efficiency.



The world’s first kitchen air tap was developed and listed, Aike provides a new model of quality life, constantly innovate and expand to add new members of new kitchen appliances, and set foot to the household market, covering the household and industrial and commercial fields.



Aike will continue to focus on the field of intelligent hand hygiene products and provide users in the global household and industrial and commercial fields with smarter and more humanized new hand hygiene products and kitchen products.


Hand Dryer :

AIKE Products [PDF File]

Recommended model:AK2812

Material: stainless steel 304




Drying Time:10s

Why choose us

  1. AIKE has a complete set of hand dryer production equipment and laboratories
  2. AIKE has 36,000 square meters of professional Hand dryer production base
  3. We have 18 years of export experience
  4. AIKE is professional high speed hand dryer manufacturer for more than 29 year.


  1. Quick Dry— Hand dryer built-in high-speed airflow,10 seconds dry time, quick dry for your hands
  2. Save Energy—80% less energy than conventional hand dryers,95% cost savings Vs. paper towels
  3. Durable Construction—one piece seamless #304 stainless steel Hand dryer shell,stable and durable
  4. Intelligent System—Smart Heater adjust based on environment temperature, LED indicator
  5. Hygiene— The smart heater of the hand dryer will automatically adjust according to the ambient temperature

Soap Dispenser

AIKE Products [PDF File]

Recommended model:AK1205

Material: stainless steel 304

Size: 100*110* 220mm

Capacity: 700ml

Waterproof rating: IPX4

Why choose us

  1. AIKE has a complete set of soap dispenser production equipment and laboratories
  2. AIKE has 11,000 square meters of professional soap dispenser production base
  3. We have 18 years of export experience
  4. 10 professional soap dispenser R&D team

  1. The use of touchless soap dispenser for hand washing makes life healthier and more convenient. This soap dispenser is suitable for office buildings, hotels, transportation places, venues, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals and other public places.
  2. Smart soap dispenser: equipped with a fast detection sensor, just put your hand on the liquid outlet of the soap dispenser, the touchless soap dispenser can discharge liquid within 0.25s, you can wash your hands without touching the soap dispenser, there is no crossover infection, Sanitation and convenience.
  3. Wall type installation: We have adopted two installation methods: non-punching and punching, suitable for various environments.
  4. Waterproof: AIKE soap dispenser adopts IPX4 waterproof technology, and the internal structure is more compact to prevent soap and water from entering the motor. The product can be installed in the corresponding humid place.
  5. Liquid discharging method: This appearance has three automated induction liquid discharging methods of soap / foam / gel type, suitable for different types of customers.
  6. Material: The shell of the soap dispenser is stainless steel, scratch-resistant and environmentally friendly.
  7. Life: The soap dispenser has 6 built-in AA batteries, with a lifespan of 20,000 times.
  8. 5 different adjustable liquid levels:5-2.5ml for customers to choose.

Air Tap:

AIKE Products [PDF File]

Recommended model: AK7130

Material: stainless steel 304

Tap Size: 35*183*323mm

Body size: 315*215*191mm

Power: 1200-1400W


Drying Time: 10s

  1. Quick Dry— High-speed airflow, 10-15 seconds dry time, four air speeds for adjustment.
  2. Air Tap — The revolutionary design with up and down array to effectively slove the problem of water splash

3. Durable Construction—Using 304 stainless steel material cover in Tap, ABS plastic material cover in body, stable and durable.

4. Hygiene— With built – in Double filtration (HEPA + filter) to keep healthy and hygiene, prevent 99.9 of the bacteria from air.

5. Applications — Easy to install, Same size as normal faucet,Just remove the original faucet in any bathroom,suitable in all kinds of public toilets.

6. Improve efficiency — Greatly improve hand cleaning efficiency to finish hand washing and drying without leaving the sink.

7. Simple appearance — original F-shaped design, strong environmental adaptability

8. Intelligent System

① Advanced sensing technology to avoid wrong induction. Air does not sense when using water, water does not sense when using gas;
② Power-off memory function;
③ Intelligent heating and forced heating modes ;
④ Respiration light reminder function.



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